Against The Arctic #182, 6th October 2009 w/ Kane Ikin (Solo Andata)

7 Oct


Download Against The Arctic 6th October 2009 Part 1

Download Against The Arctic 6th October 2009 Part 2

Of recent weeks, the second self titled album from Australian duo Solo Andata has been really reinvigorating my love of ambient music. Along with the new Panoptique Electrical album on Sensory Projects, things are healthy in the world of Australian ambient experimentalism. Blending field recordings with dense washes of reverb and floating, decayed instrumentation, the duo of Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco – divided between Melbourne and Perth respectively – have crafted one of 2009’s best records. Kane was kind enough to drop by for a chat about their latest opus and play a few records, delving into dense swathes of sound for a Tuesday night cerebral love in, just how we like it on Against The Arctic. He also premiered some unreleased material, finishing his half an hour set with a track called ‘Sailing’ from a forthcoming solo project. Hopefully we can catch Solo Andata playing live sometime soon. Keep your ears peeled.

Solo Andata on Myspace

Solo Andata on 12k website

Inspired by the arrival of my guest, the first part of the show before Kane’s mix was largely ambient and after he departed I checked in with some wobbly goodness from the new Dizz 1 ep out on Nod Navigators in a month, beats from the Hyperdub 5th Anniversary comp, The Maryanne Hobbs collection Wild Angels, an amazing new tune from Melbournite Kloke, some vintage 69 and a peek at the slick G-funk of a one Dãm-Funk. Hope you enjoy, Richard ‘Rambl’ Campbell will be filling in again next week while I move house. Yes with all those freaking 12 inches damn it…


sunken foal :: of low count and light pocket :: planet mu
panoptique electrical :: some rooms become us :: sensory projects

harmon :: psychedelic loop garden  (mr geoffrey and paz remix) :: freakshow disco
burial :: dog shelter :: hyperdub
solo andata :: beyond this window :: 12k

: : : : : : : : : : kane ikin (solo andata) interview and live mix : : : : : : : : : :

taylor dupree :: weather and worn :: 12k
grouper :: rising height :: cdr
Fennesz : Transition : touch
simon scott  :: the acc :: miasma
paul fiocco : fingernails : meupe
kane ikin : sailing : cdr

solo andata :: in the light storming :: 12k

xx :: basic space (mount kimbie remix) :: young turks
dizz1 :: frazzled :: cdr
architeq :: sleeping bear lament (take remix) :: planet mu
flying lotus :: disco balls :: hyperdub
onra :: clap clap :: cdr
dãm-funk :: brookside park :: stones throw

kloke :: emanate :: cdr
shed :: another wedged chicken (martyn remix) :: soul jazz
farben :: if’s and but’s :: ~scape
69 :: ladies & gentlemen :: planet e


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